Welcome to Tweed Day Surgery

The best people in medicine will care for you at Tweed Day Surgery.

Dedicated to caring for people and families living on the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales for over 25 years, at Tweed Day surgery, our focus is you.

Your expert team of surgeons, specialist doctors, dedicated nurses and other professionals will ensure your experience is the best it can be.

Supported by the latest technology, we provide a range of clinical services including gastroenterology, ophthalmology, ear nose & throat, surgery, cosmetic surgery and urology.
Our experienced staff provide exceptional care with efficient admissions, calm anaesthetic induction, and friendly care coming out of surgery. We work closely with your surgeon and anaesthetist to deliver the best care possible.

We’re happy to help patients with questions about their stay at Tweed Day Surgery and planning for their recuperation.
Please call us on 07 5506 6066 to arrange a time to discuss your stay or to arrange a tour of our facilities.

And while coming to hospital may be unsettling for some, we’re experts at caring for people. You’re in the very best hands at Tweed Day Surgery.

Please note that although we’re located in New South Wales, we don’t practice daylight savings and therefore operate on Queensland time all year.


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